How to Obtain Zap Edit

The Zap Power is the most difficult power to obtain in Dizzywood, because it means that you have to have three other powers first, Ghost Ray, Levitation and Invisibility (see the articles about how to obtain those powers) and finding two Ghost opal idols.

Opal idol

Pillar to Ghost Ray in Tanglevine Jungle

You can retrieve the first Ghost opal idol at Tanglevine Jungle. Go to the Genie Ghost Onca on the far right side of Tanglevine Jungle. It is hidden in one of the stone pillars on the left side of a tree. You'll need to use the Ghost Ray power to get it.

Second opal idol

Move your mouse cursor back and forth over the pile of gravel

The second Ghost opal idol is in the Jaguar Temple (the entrance is in The Explorer's Camp and you have to use invisibility to go in). Once inside use levitation to go from plateau to plateau until you find the one with a pile of moveable gravel on it (it's at the bottom-right). You can dig it up again for coins later on.

Instead of clicking on the pile of moveable gravel like you do in The Explorer's Camp, you wave your mouse cursor back and forth over the gravel to make it move. Soon you will reveal the second Ghost opal idol.

Opal face

Both eyes placed in Jaguar Statue

Now you have to go to the Jaguar Statue which is located on the third plateau. The easiest way to get there is walking against a Black Crystal (this will transport you immediately to the Jaguar Statue).

Click on the Jaguar Statue to put the Ghost opal idols back in the eye sockets.

Congratulations, you now have the zap power !

NOTE: Players used to be able to receive Zap by walking between the purple pillars on the little island in Tanglevine Jungle, but they were destroyed. Early players who obtained it this way didn't have to go and obtain it a second time.

Special Uses Edit

Zap can be used to Zap certain objects, to let collectible items out (these items are converted into 1 coin when picked up). Some of the objects that can be zapped this way are found in the Jaguar Temple and The Crystal Catacombs. (NOTE: as of June, 2009, players aren't allowed to zap other players).

Zapping the giant cannon in Presto's Edge will charge it and will allow you to access the Skytown Skate Park.

Zapping Pillar and Rock Edit


Getting zapped several times in Tanglevine.

In Tanglevine Jungle, there used to be some rocks that could zap your player when clicked. You could click on these rocks multiple times to create a super zap effect where several bolts of electricity would zap you at the same time, now they are available in the Onakasi Treasure Room as furniture.

The Zap picture shows 3 lightning bolts, which gives an Electrical Shock in real life, as Zap is the sound electricity makes when not being conducted.