The Winter Wizard appeared in the The Explorer's Camp and started sending Dizzywood players on a mission to retrieve items he needed to return snow to Dizzywood. The Winter Wizard appeared only after the Fall Wizard destroyed Emperor Withering's chains with fierce autumn winds. Here are the items that players needed to collect to help the Winter Wizard.

When the player returns to the wizard with the items, he tells players that he will cast a spell to bring snow back to Dizzywood but that it will take a few days. He also rewards players for their efforts with 350 coins.

Mission Walk-throughEdit

Here is a complete walk-through of the Winter Wizard's mission.

Screenshot Description

Sneaking Past the Jaguar Ghost

Players walk to the Eastern End of The Explorer's Camp, where they must sneak past the Jaguar Genie Ghost by turning invisible and walking into the entrance to the Jaguar Temple.

Blue Crystal

The full blue crystal is assembled by collecting five blue crystal shards inside the Jaguar Temple. There is one located on each of the plateaus inside and you need to use Levitation to reach each one. If you fall, you need to start over again.

Mechano Drill 9000

After collecting the blue crystal shards, proceed to the upper-left plateau and click on the Mechano Drill 9000 to play a minigame. If you score at least 1500 points, you will be rewarded with a glass full of the magic ampule elixir. Note that the instructions do not mention this at the beginning, but you will win it anyway.

Dog Statue

The green crystal is located inside the big dog head statue in the back of the Rock Maze. Click on the statue and you will find the crystal.

Return to the Winter Wizard

When you return to the Winter Wizard in The Explorer's Camp with the items, he tells you he will cast a spell to bring snow back to Dizzywood in a few days and that a Winter Festival will be held to celebrate. He also gives you a rare ice feather which can be used to obtain a special item once the Winter Festival begins.