The Winter Festival was a Dizzywood event that began on Saturday, January 19, 2008 and ended on Monday, February 5, 2008. It was a party being held to celebrate the defeat of Emperor Withering's belch factories by the Weather Wizards and the return of snow to Dizzywood. The Winter Festival was held at Farthing's Meadow. As a player entered the Festival he/she was greeted by the Winter Wizard, the Fall Wizard, and the Summer Wizard. The weather wizards gave each player various rewards.

Rewards you could get:

Winter Wizard - Snowman Costume; With the use of Ice feather. If no Ice feather was available, a player could retrieve the Green Crystal located in the Rock Maze and 1000 coins.

Fall Wizard - Assortment of winter clothing. Each clothing item could have been purchased for 500 coins each.

Summer Wizard - Dance and Zombie Walk moves (similar to Hop and Skip moves in your backpack)

Spring Wizard - If you previously completed any parts of the Weather Wizard missions, then the Spring Wizard would have rewarded you with 500 coins. He also removed leftover items from the missions from your backpack.

A new game had also been added to the festival that was similar to the Olivia Kickflip's skateboard machine. This game features a fox named Ermione and includes passing snowflakes, pinecones, and acorns to the conveyor belt. Each player was rewarded coins based on their score.

Winter clothing Edit

The following winter clothing items could have been purchased from the Fall Wizard during the Winter Festival. Each item costed 500 coins.

  • Girls: Striped Sweater, Fur Sweater, Long Coat, Striped Long Sleeve T-shirt
  • Boys: Fur-hooded Jacket, Fur Sweater, Long Coat, Striped Long Sleeve T-shirt

And there was a Ballerina Outfit for girls in Rock Maze, which can be retrieved by finishing the maze.

Ermione Edit

The non-player character Ermione appeared as part of the Winter Festival in Farthing's Meadow. She started a game where you bounce fruits and nuts onto a platform for points.