Dw wildwood glen 20080531

The original Wildwood Glen, destroyed by Emperor Withering

Wildwood Glen is a forested area of Dizzywood that appeared in April, 2008 as part of an event to celebrate Earth Day and Arbor Day. The area had been deforested and destroyed by Emperor Withering in his attempts to steal all of the natural resources in Dizzywood. Players were able to plant Mirthwood trees from seedlings to re-plant trees in the area.

The Leaf Sprite had his home in Wildwood Glen and you can play a game of Word Race against him, to win seeds for Potted Plants (only one new seed a day) or to you can trade your Potted Plants (and their seeds) with him for coins.

Dizzywood willow wildwood rain

The new Wildwood Glen in heavy rains

On July 30, 2008 Wildwood Glen was re-launched with a new look to celebrate the progress citizens of Dizzywood had made in defeating Emperor Withering and re-planting the forest. Unfortunately, a party that was planned was threatened by torrential rains that began pouring down all over Dizzywood (see daily events for more info). Players were called to action to see if there was a way to stop the rain and save the celebration. There is a flag now at this location.

Things from wildwood glen
Dizzywood wildwood glen treehouse

Location of the tree house

If you collect the Bristlesap Bark, Mirth Apples, Plushrooms, Spindlebrush Flowers and Thistlepeach Flowers in Wildwood Glen and you give them to Pierre Le Snout he will trade them for coins.

There is also a Tree House in the back of the right side. To access the Tree House, you must first get Grappling Hook and Rope, which you can get by bouncing on the Air Grate in Tanglevine Jungle. It is hanging in a tree.