Bring back Dizzywood!!!! It's been terrible to see it leave. It made me cry and still makes me cry. I'm constantly sad about it. SecretBuilders=BOOORINNG. Snoozetown USA, population: SecretBuilders. DW is way better then SB. Who agrees? The night before DW closed down, December 30th, 2010 everyone was having some sort of party to try to keep DW. It was fun but it didn't work unfourtunatley. None of the DW Mods were on at the time. DW CREATORS IF YOU'RE READING THIS: YOU BROKE THE HEARTS OF ALL YOUR PLAYERS. MILLIONS OF PEOPLE, ALL SAD. DO YOU GUYS UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH HURT AND PAIN YOU'VE CAUSED? APPARENTLY NOT, YOU KNOW HOW MUCH HEARTBREAK YOU'VE CAUSED BUT YOU HAVEN'T BOTHERED TO LISTEN TO YOU'RE PLAYERS AND DIDN'T BRING IT BACK. Ugh!!!! DW Spirit Party:, Teal Dolphin Server, Aug. 30 2012, 6:30 PM-9:30 PM. If you don't have a Fantage account please make one we're gonna try to save DW by showing sprit.

P.S. My user is fiona21 on Fantage.



Hi its dizzygirls1 I really wanted dizzywood to come back so if you read this please sign your name

Sign here:








~ January/2013

Hello dear friends. I used to play Dizzywood a lot, like all of you. One day, I remembered about it, and I went to the site once again. But for my surprise, there wasn't "Dizzywood" anymore, rather than this... Secret Builders. So, okay, I went and played it. It's lame. It doesn't have the same fun Dizzywood had. Dizzywood was about explore places, complete quests, acquire pets, use skateboards, and use really fun mini-powers. All of this is gone.

However, I don't think Dizzywood will come back, sorry. I lost my hope. But, I really wonder, why the hell they gave up for this game. I remember there was a time when Dizzywood was FULL of premium members. But then, they put Secret Builders, which is to say, really boring and the characters are really ugly. It doesn't make sense this logic. Anyway, I feel sorry for who really loved Dizzywood, I used to like it a lot too. So, whatever, let's face it. Children have to grow, after all. I didn't want, though. :(



The name just reminds me of my childhood.

Everyone had fun on it.

Everyone is nice.

Secret Builders, on the other hand, had a place full of bitches.

Dizzywood closed down around 2 and a half years ago and my theories are -

-The company didn't have money to run the Dizzywood

-It closed down so it teaches children to live on without something fun in their life.


Remember The Endless Wild and the Morphins? :,)

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