Vamps are getting very common in dizzywood. The vamps are nothing but groups of dizzies joining together to be vamps having vamp wars and everything. There are 2 sides of vamps there are Witherings side and the good side. Witherings side is ruled by meagie a gold member'. Both Teams have vampires that protect there team from getting hurt by werewolves. Vampires protect and gather at The Chasm. Due to the fact the gold astral was on longer than meagie Astral7 the nonmember rules the chasm. But the rumor mill is running and recently it was heard the 2 sides of vamps are joining together. the usual look of the vamps are pale skin red eyes and jet black hair with the colors of black and red. some have fangs and some dont but still are vamps so watch out dizzies the vamps are here and we are ready to drink. ( evil laugh ) a vamp

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