Dz valentine sign

Valentines Day banner in Presto's Grove

The Valentines Day event was a Dizzywood celebration that began on Thursday February 14, 2008 and ended on Monday February 18, 2008. It was an event to celebrate Valentines Day for all Dizzywood citizens. The event started off at the entrance of Presto's Grove and made its way throughout Dizzywood. Pink banners were placed throughout Presto's Grove as well as pink and purple hearts floating in the air. Also available was a limited edition "Pink Heart T-shirt" that was located in The Crystal Catacombs.

Heart Markers Edit

Heart markers

Heart marker located throughout Dizzywood

There were several heart markers located throughout Dizzywood. Each marker contained a special limited edition friendship flower emote. The emotes and locations are listed as thus:

Presto's Grove Friendship Flower "Tulip"
Tanglevine Jungle Friendship Flower "Rose"
The Explorer's Camp Friendship Flower "Lily"