Timothy Hay

Timothy Hay is the rabbit sitting on the circle of rocks, the Wizard Summoning Circle, at Presto's Edge. He is sometimes a part of the daily events and mini-games you carry around in your backpack.

His usual dialogue is:

"Sssssh! Be quiet! I'm trying to summon the mighty wizard, Archimedes. If you can say the right word, he'll appear in the summoning circle. There are three different words you can use. Unfortunately, I've forgotten what they are."

The words are Backwards, Riddle, and Guess.

When Dizzywood change its look, Timothy Hay stayed in Presto's Edge.

His new dialogue is:

"Ssssh! Be quiet! I'm trying how to remember how to get to Mage Barrow. I want to study from the wizards and learn all their secrets!"

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