The Explorer's Camp is East of Tanglevine Jungle.

Pierre Le Snout Edit


Pierre Le Snout

Pierre is a chef character located in The Explorer's camp. His task includes helping him to collect bugs in a Combo Drop game. The point of the game is to match up as much bugs on the screen as possible; doing so, will make them disappear. For completing the task, Pierre rewards a player with coins.

You can also get coins for giving him food (most of this food can be found in Wildwood Glen) (see article Pierre for the food).

During an earlier mission, when a player completes this game, a Tanglevine Rain Beetle would appear in their backpack. This is one item on the list that was needed by the Spring Wizard.

Jaguar Temple Edit

Monsters genie ghost yagu

Genie Ghost Yagu

To enter the Jaguar Temple, invisibility is required to sneak past the Genie Ghost Yagu, guardian of the gate. Another important feature that is also necessary in the temple is levitation. This power allows a player to levitate from plateau to plateau.

Both powers can be retrieved at Tanglevine Jungle where the jewelled stone markers are.

Jade Skull and Spy Eye Edit


spying on 9857

The Jade Skull and Spy Eye can also be found at The Explorer's camp. These are items that are hidden under a pile of rocks located next to H.C. Le Snout.

In order to recover these items, the stones must be moved by clicking on it several times. This task takes a lot of effort, but is shortened with the help of other players. There is also a protective silver object behind the rock pile that must not be disturbed (doing so will close the rock pile back up).

When the stone is uncovered for the first time, a player is rewarded with the jade skull as well as the Spy Eye power. Once these items are recovered, a player will simply receive 500 coins when it is played again (only once per day).

The Spy Eye gives a player the ability to spy on other players. However, it can only be used in the same room. Once the user moves or the target leaves, the power wears off.

Kan the Geomancer Edit

Kan the Geomancer

Kan the Geomancer

Kan the Geomancer is a snake character located near the Jaguar Temple at The Explorer's Camp. He purchases pink crystals and large blue crystals retrieved from the Jaguar Temple or The Crystal Catacombs as well as reanimate and chromate a Crystal Critter.

He used to be located at Tanglevine Jungle but was moved.