Exploring the depths of the Crystal Catacombs

The Crystal Catacombs are located deep underground below the Jaguar Temple. You access them by falling off one of the plateaus inside the temple. While there, you can collect pink crystal fragments to make crystals that you can sell to Kan the Geomancer.

NOTE: They have been replaced by the Gold Crystals

There are also strange items in here like pages from Montana Jack's journal that detail a plot by Emperor Withering to mine crystals from the catacombs for an evil purpose.

Chief Pathfinder Burrows Edit


Chief Pathfinder Burrows in the Crystal Catacombs

Word game by chief pathfinder burrows

Word Race game provided by Chief Pathfinder Burrows

There is a gopher character here called Chief Pathfinder Burrows. You can play against him in his Word Race game and earn some coins.

He also let you become a Dizzywood Pathfinder after you fulfilled certain requirements. He will ask a player a series of 12 questions. When all answers are answered correctly you become an official Dizzywood Pathfinder. There is one catch, a player is only allowed to answer his questions once a day.

Dangerous Mineshaft Edit

Dizzywood catacombs keepout

Mine Shaft in Crystal Catacombs

In the back of the Crystal Catacombs, next to Chief Pathfinder Burrows is a boarded up Dangerous Mineshaft. When you click on it, you get a pop up message that says, A dangerous looking mineshaft! You could squeeze through the wooden boards, but it's much to dark to see your way.

A broken mining helmet is found on the ground next to the mine shaft. Once you fully repaired it you can walk through and enter the Elder Vein Mines.

Elixir Edit

By using zap on pieces of broken equipment lying around, orange or green elixir comes out, roll over them with or mouse to collect them or walk over them they give you one coin for each elixir.