Tanglevine Jungle Edit

Volcano at tanglevine jungle

The edge of Tanglevine jungle reveals a volcano and ruins.

Tanglevine Jungle is a mysterious area in Dizzywood and contains the ruins of the fabled Onakasi Empire. It is also home to several interesting attractions, characters and powers (the bear tells you about the magic powers you can find here in some of the pillars).

As of April 16, 2008, the Tanglevine Jungle has been updated to reveal detailed ruins of the fabled Onakasi Empire.

For information about the Air Grate see the Air Grate article.

Magic Ruins Edit

Players are able to walk through two sets of pillars in this area to receive the powers levitation and invisibility. These powers allow a player's character to float up into the air or become invisible. This area also used to host a set of pillars that gave a player Zap power. Unfortunately, it was destroyed.

The Zap Power can now be retrieved in the Jaguar Temple by completing a series of missions to restore the missing Ghost opal idols from the eye sockets in the Jaguar Statue.

Green Genie Ghost Edit

Monsters genie ghost onca

Genie Ghost Onca

There is a green Genie Ghost named Onca located here, who challenges players to a series of games. All challenges must be completed in order to receive Ghost Ray which is needed to retrieve one of the ghost opal idols. This ghost opal idol (along with the other one) can be used to retrieve the Zap power located in the Jaguar Temple.

Frog Sprite Edit

Frog sprite at tanglevine jungle

Frog sprite in Tanglevine Jungle.

There is a frog sprite character here located at the river crossing of Tanglevine Jungle. It hosts a lily pad Bounce game where a player bounces jumping frogs to the lily pad. Once completed a player is rewarded with coins.

This game is only available when you have it in your backpack.

Salamander Sprite Edit

Salamander sprite

Salamander Sprite at Tanglevine Jungle.

Salamander sprite force field game

Forcefield game hosted by a Salamander Sprite.

The red and brown colored salamanders running around the Tanglevine Jungle are called Salamander Sprites.

Once clicked on they host a Force Field game. If defeated a player will be rewarded with 100 coins.

Stone Coffer Edit

Stone coffer lid-click red jewel

Stone Coffer at Tanglevine Jungle.

Stone coffer lid-card match game

Flash Card Game by Stone Coffer.

There are two Stone Coffers located in Dizzywood. They can be found near the Onakasi ruins and resemble stone dragons.

When clicked on, they provide games such as Combo Drop or Flash Cards. For completing the game, a player is rewarded with coins or can enter the Onakasi Treasure Room.

Kan the Geomancer Edit

Kan the Geomancer used to be located here but was moved to The Explorer's Camp.

Move Master Swingtail Edit


Move Master Swingtail

Melinda Move Master Swingtail is a new character in Tanglevine Jungle. She can be found near the ruins after you go across the river. She offers to teach you moves if you find her Mystical Move Scrolls.