The Summer Wizard appeared in Farthing's Meadow on December 29, 2007 and started sending Dizzywood players on a mission to retrieve items he needed to destroy Emperor Withering's chains. The Summer Wizard appeared only after the Spring Wizard was unable to destroy the chains by rusting them. Here are the items that players needed to collect to help the Summer Wizard destroy the chains with intense heat.

  • A watermelon (must find five slices to make a complete watermelon)
  • A conch shell
  • A scallop shell
  • A periwinkle shell

When the player returns to the wizard with the items, he casts a spell on the chains and causes them to bake with intense heat. But they are not destroyed and he tells players to wait a few days for the Fall Wizard to arrive and help.

Mission Walk-throughEdit

Here is a complete walk-through of the Summer Wizard's mission.

Screenshot Description

The Summer Wizard

Players proceed to Farthing's Meadow where they can find the Summer Wizard near the southern goalposts.

First watermelon slice

The first watermelon slice can be found in Presto's Edge in the Southwest corner, near the scrambled "riddle" sign.

Second watermelon slice

The second watermelon slice is found in Presto's Grove near Chanjo and his emote machine.

Third watermelon slice

The third watermelon slice is in Tanglevine Jungle.

Fourth watermelon slice

The fourth watermelon slice is in the The Explorer's Camp near Pierre Le Snout and his table.

Fifth watermelon slice

The fifth and final watermelon slice is in the Rock Maze.

Scallop Shell

The scallop shell is in the Rock Maze.

Conch Shell

The conch shell is in the Rock Maze.

Periwinkle Shell

The Periwinkle shell is in the Rock Maze. You need to use Levitation to reach it, but you may be able to just click it without levitating.

Return to the Summer Wizard

When you return to the Summer Wizard in Farthing's Meadow with the items, he tells you he will cast a spell to bake the chains. Although the intense heat damages the chains, they do not break and the Summer Wizard tells you to wait a few days for the Fall Wizard to arrive.

Baked chains

You can see that the chains have been baked but not destroyed. Withering still must be stopped!