Spy Eye

This is what the spy eye looks like in action, they don't see it, but you can see them! xD

The Spy Eye is the latest power to be released in Dizzywood. It changes your view to follow other players instead of yourself. It is not clear if there is any real use for the power, but it IS fun to "spy" on other people, though rude.

  • I've found out, you can Zap people while spying on them (winks).

How to Obtain the Spy Eye Edit

Go to the The Explorer's Camp and go to the pile of rocks, begin to click the rocks, avoiding not to click the protector idol, as this will put the rocks in back in the way when you began, making you have to start all over again! When you are done, the upper rocks will reveal the Jade Skull, click it and you will obtain the Spy Eye.

If you have already obtained the Spy Eye, you will be instead receive 500 coins.

Special Uses Edit

It can be used to spy on other players, if you move while using it will turn it's self off. The Spy eye will also deactivate once a player leaves the room.

Origin of Picture Edit

The Eye shows that this power will allow you to know that you will see something that you wouldn't normally be able to see.