The Spring Wizard appeared in Presto's Edge on December 27, 2007 and started sending Dizzywood players on a mission to retrieve items he needed to destroy Emperor Withering's chains. Here are the items that players needed to collect:

When the player returns to the wizard with the items, he casts a spell on the chains and causes them to rust. But they are not destroyed and he tells players to wait a few days for the Summer Wizard to arrive and help.

Mission Walk-throughEdit

Here is a complete walk-through of the Spring Wizard's mission.

Screenshot Description
Dizzywood chains in grove-1

Chains have appeared in Presto's Grove.

Before starting the mission, players will notice large chains have appeared in several areas of Dizzywood.
Dizzywood spring wizard-1

The Spring Wizard

Players proceed to Presto's Edge where they can find the Spring Wizard near the entrance from Presto's Grove.
Dizzywood dandelion seeds-2

Dandelion seeds

The dandelion seeds can be found on the pathway in Presto's Edge.
Dizzywood sunflower seeds-1

Sunflower seeds

The sunflower seeds can be found in Tanglevine Jungle.
Dizzywood tulip bulbs-1

Tulip bulbs

The tulip bulbs are in The Explorer's Camp, near the tents and sleeping bags.
Dizzywood tanglevine rain beetle-1

Tanglevine Rain Beetle

The Tanglevine Rain Beetle is given as a reward from playing the bug game that Pierre Le Snout starts. Sometimes the game needs to be played and won a few times before the Tanglevine Rain Beetle is awarded.
Dizzywood spring wizard turnin-1

Spring Wizard Turn-in

When you return to the Spring Wizard with all of the items in your backpack, he summons rain to rust the chains and gives you 200 coins as a reward.
Dizzywood rusted chain-1

Rusted Chains

The chains are now rusted but have not been broken. The Spring Wizard tells you to look for the Summer Wizard in a few days.