You could get a lot of Skateboard clothes from Olivia Kickflip in Skytown Skate Park, which she gave out to players daily and was more than happy to trade them in for golden skate wheels.

But she has a skate shop now and does not give out Skateboard clothes anymore. All the clothes are now available in her skate shop. There is only one pair of pants but lots of shirts.

Types of Skateboard Clothes Edit

Some of the skateboard clothes you can get are:

  • Baby Kitty T-shirt
  • Elephant T-shirt
  • Eyelash T-shirt
  • Flower Burst T-shirt
  • Flower T-shirt
  • Graphic T-shirt
  • Moose T-shirt
  • Star Bird T-shirt
  • Star Bolt T-shirt
  • Star Burst T-shirt
  • Star Skull T-shirt
  • Star Splatter T-shirt
  • Star T-shirt
  • Baggy Pants

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