The various Skateboard Parts (a deck and four wheels for the Green Star Skateboard), you must find to make a skateboard, that you can use while in Dizzywood.

  • The third wheel is hidden in Wildwood Glen on the lower right side of the statue that looks like a cat.
  • The fourth wheel is hidden in Tanglevine Jungle near the purple statue in middle of lake.

New skateboard parts locations:

Skull SkateboardEdit

NOTE: With the new Presto's Grove and Presto's Edge, the skull skateboard is now impossible to get (unless you have the deck). In order to get the skull skateboard, you must go to Skytown Skate Park and play Olivia Kickflip's skateboard machine. Get a Gold Skate Wheel and give it to Olivia Kickflip. She will give you the skull skateboard (if you got it with the old way you get TWO skateboards).

Old skateboard parts locations for the skull skateboard: