The skateboard is one of the main ways of getting around in Dizzywood.

How to GET a Skateboard Edit

All players can assemble their first skateboard by collecting various Skateboard Parts located throughout Dizzywood.

The other skateboards can be won as random prizes from the Magic Mystery Wagon which is also located in Presto's Grove. If you collect all the Special Moves and get a Magical Secret Envelope, you can get a skateboard in place of getting more special moves.

What you can do with a Skateboard Edit

Once a player has a skateboard, they can click on it in their backpack to ride it. Players on skateboards travel much faster than players who walk.

When you ride your skateboard and you click the skateboard it will go in Full skate mode, this means you don't have to click the ground where you want to go, just move your mouse in that direction. If you click your skateboard again the Full skate mode is turned off.

You can get the portable Skateboard Tricks in Skytown Skate Park by going across the bridge and collecting 10 power-ups and go over to the trick you want.

(NOTE: A Gold Skate Wheel can not be used to make or put on a skateboard, they only serve the purpose of being traded to Olivia Kickflip for coins)

Skateboards Edit