About the Rock MazeEdit

The Rock Maze is a hidden area of Dizzywood. It is built like a real maze and you must navigate through to the end. The maze changes every day so if you get lost today there is always tomorrow. In the rock maze there are plenty of grey rocks (hence the name), and they will block your way.

Also there are blue rocks and if you collect 10 blue rocks you get a reward of an emote, or after you have gotten all the emotes from the rock maze it will give you 250 coins that you can earn daily.

Beware of the red rocks, they will send you flying back to the beginning of the maze, but if you do finish there is a reward of 150 coins. At the end of the maze, there is a small pile of blue rocks, making it not so secret anymore.

Getting ThereEdit


The sign to get to the rock maze

The Rock Maze can be found by clicking on a sign in Tanglevine Jungle. The rock used to be located in Presto's Grove but was recently moved. The sign is now located near the broken pillar near the middle of the jungle area.

Blue Rock PrizesEdit

  • BFF emote
  • Groovy emote
  • Kewl emote
  • LOL emote
  • 250 coins

Other FeaturesEdit

There are two large dog head statues made out of rock in this area. No one seems to know why they are there or what they do. The second dog head statue in the far back contains the Green Crystal, which was needed for the Winter Wizard's Mission.

Note: When you find the large dog head statue, click on it and you will receive a Green Crystal which you can take to Kan the Geomancer in The Explorer's Camp who will then transform your crystal critter into a chromatic critter.

Note: There is a cheat to walk in the walls. If you levitate and while you are floating click the maze. Then try to walk in the walls and you can walk inside a wall (this works for all mazes).