Professor Plumpox

Professor Pimpleton Plumpox is a henchman for the evil Emperor Withering and the entrance to his lair is located in the Keep out sign on the far left side of Skytown Skate Park.

Character professor plumpox lair

Entrance of Professor Plumpox's Lair

Professor Plumpox has been involved in some Daily Events and is also a boss for several of the games you can play in your backpack like Flight, Bounce and Combo Drop.

NOTE: Keep in mind that you have to have the right requirements to enter his lair (see article Keep out signs for what they are).

Plumpox is a troll who wanted to become Dizzywood's famous scientist. However, while at university, he created a giant monster which destroyed half the school, and he was expelled. He vowed revenge against the school, as well as small animals (reason unknown.)

He is responsible for the belch factories, the robots which cut down Wildwood Glen, Withering's flying fortress, and ichor.