Dizzywood potted plants

You can create droppable potted plants by cultivating plants from seeds in the The Garden Gazebo area. Once you have the potted version, you can place it anywhere you like in Dizzywood, including inside your home, but you have to be a member. It will remain in the place you dropped it until you leave the area, except in your home where it will remain until you remove it. There are many different types of potted plants that you can get.

Placing Potted Plants Edit

My plants

Potted plants placed inside a home

Potted Plants can be placed almost anywhere in Dizzywood by clicking on them in your backpack. They will appear where you are standing. You can even decorate your home with them.

The potted plants and the seeds for them can be traded (sold back to) the Leaf Sprite in Wildwood Glen.

New Plants To GrowEdit

Along with the new look of Wildwood Glen there are now new plants to grow. You can get the new seeds for the plants from the Leaf Sprite in Wildwood Glen, by playing his Word Race game. You can only get one new seed a day.

NOTE: You can't get any Joysnap seeds or Jangleberry seeds from the Leaf Sprite. Also, the Rumpus plant was available at one point on a quest on which you had to click the pillar so the vines can grow. The quest was only available during the summer (yes…SUMMER) long before Memberships and the mission "Seed Scavenger: Rumpus" started.

New Plants (only for Memberships) Edit