The chef Pierre Le Snout

Pierre Le Snout is a non-player chef character located in The Explorer's Camp. He is best known for making a world-famous recipe known as Tanglevine Stew.

Players can help him prepare the dish by playing Combo Drop in the Chef's Bug Game. Pierre will reward players with coins for helping him collect the bugs for the stew.

He has a daughter called Sophie Le Snout (she stars in some daily events) and is related to H.C. Le Snout (who is located in The Explorer's Camp next to the pile of stones).

Things from wildwood glen
Loot things from wildwood glen 2

If you collect one (of all) of the next items in Wildwood Glen or Presto's Edge and you give them to Pierre he will trade them for coins.

  • Bristlesap Bark
  • Mirth Apples
  • Plushrooms
  • Spearmint Moss
  • Spindlebrush Flowers
  • Thistlepeach Flowers
  • Ullabulb Flowers
  • Whistleleaf Roots

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