Places Onakasi Treasure Room

The Onakasi Treasure Room Idol opened

Places Onakasi Treasure Room Inside

Inside The Onakasi Treasure Room

Places Onakasi Treasure Room Jumper

The Jumper game

Places Onakasi Treasure Room Blocks

The Blocks game

The Onakasi Treasure Room is a new room in Dizzywood. It is located across the river in the Tanglevine Jungle where the Onakasi Ruins are. It is an idol with bright green glowing eyes at the edge of the Onakasi Ruins.

Wave your mouse over it (do not click it) and a secret stairway will open. You will have two games to play, Jumper and Blocks.

  • In Jumper you must collect the jade key pieces to open the passageway and get to the exit. However, there is actually a glitch that allows you to get past the column without having to collect the pieces: simply jump on top of it (where it meets the walls on the top and bottom of it) from the high platform nearby.
  • In Blocks you must clear away the black blocks by making a line with the blocks.

Don't worry if you don't get it the first time. You get to try again if you want.

Once you beat both games you will automatically get into the Onakasi Treasure Room.

You can only choose one rare item a day, so choose wisely and carefully. Once you get your item you can play the games tomorrow to get back in.

Here is a list of items you can get:

Home items
  • Amber Coffer
  • Amethyst Coffer
  • Ruby Coffer
  • Sapphire Coffer
  • Large Tanglevine Fern
  • Small Tanglevine Fern
  • Onakasi Ruins (Column)
  • Onakasi Ruins (Tablet)
  • Move Scroll (Spooky Shuffle)
  • Move Scroll (Toy Soldier)

I hope you enjoy your prizes Dizzywood explorers!

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