Mines omega beet mine

The Corrupt Crystal Core with the critters

The Omega Beet Mine is one of the mines which can be found in the Elder Vein Mines.

You can find the entrances here to the Omicron Turnip Mine and go back to The Crystal Catacombs.

In the middle of the room you can find the Corrupt Crystal Core, this houses three crystal critters (Battyfox, Bull Beastie and TwinklePig), you need the fixed Corrupt Crystal Dampener to get them (which disappears after you used it).

On the island on the right is a lever (this is needed to get the Flutterbird in this mine).

When you have the Zap power, you can use it to cause the machine in the left hand corner (just before the Crystal Bull Beastie to shoot Green Elixir balls onto the ground, picking these up gives you 50 coins.

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