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Moonpebble the unicorn at Breakwater Beach

Moonpebble is a unicorn that first appeared in Dizzywood for a Daily Event on June 22, 2008.

She arrived in Breakwater Beach after players completed a series of missions to summon her. When players spoke to her, she revealed that she had come to Dizzywood to help save a group of critters from Grool Grubnibbler, one of Emperor Withering's evil henchmen.

Players were transported to Grool's lair, where they needed to defeat him in a game. Players were rewarded with a TwinklePig critter upon defeating him. And she is only a new addition.


The new Moonpebble in Tanglevine Jungle

Moonpebble returned to Dizzywood in November, 2008 with a series of missions. Before she arrived, players had to help Archimedes the Wizard collect 5,000 moon rocks which he used to summon her to Dizzywood. When she arrived, she presented players with missions that included rescuing critters that were trapped in the chasm in Presto's Edge and to clean up litter from Breakwater Beach.

The new Moonpebble looks very different, a lot more like a cartoon and a lot cuter. The big change is that she has wings on her back, like the Rat Wraith (they're positions are similar too). She also has a really long tail and is not wearing the necklace that she used to have.

This makes her more like a traditional unicorn. They are said to have "a dear's face, a lion's tail, the body of a goat, cloven hooves, and purple-ish skin colour"

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