Map of Dizzywood

The Map of Dizzywood can be found in The Explorer's Camp to the right of Pierre Le Snout, after clicking on it, it shows up in your backpack under Powers.

When you first get it, only Presto's Edge is available. To get each place to show up on your map you must find the flag for it. The flag looks like a red triangle on a gold pole, the pictures below are actual size. It's easy to find them and they disappear once you've clicked on it. After you've collected a rooms flag you get 25 coins and you can use the map to travel there. This will definitely save you time instead of walking!


Flag in Presto's Edge

Some of the areas in Dizzywood, such as the Jaguar Temple, The Crystal Catacombs, Elder Vein Mines, and Skytown Skate Park are not available from the map, probably because they require special powers or items to get there.

Note: Farthling's Meadow is no longer availible.

Wildwood Glen and Breakwater Beach is now available on the map.

Map of dizzywood

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Flag in Farthing's Meadow


Flag in The Garden Gazebo


Flag in Tanglevine Jungle


Flag in The Explorer's Camp