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The Crystal Keyhole

The Mage Barrow is a new area introduced on September 26, 2008. Mage Barrow is also known as Archimedes Hill. It can be entered by clicking the Crystal Keyhole in the stone circle next to Timothy Hay in Presto's Edge.


Archimedes the Wizard

Once in the room, players can summon Archimedes the Wizard by uttering one of several command words. Either one of those words will make Archimedes the Wizardcome down and give you a puzzle.

The words are:

  • Backwards (Archimedes will give a word for players to spell backwards)
  • Riddle (Archimedes will give a riddle, see article Riddles for more info)
  • Guess (Archimedes will say a few words, and players have to guess which one of them he is thinking of)

Each word begins a game that can be played by anyone standing in the room. If you solve the puzzle before anyone else does, you get 5 coins or a small prize.

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