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How to get a Kitty Crystal Critter in DizzywoodEdit

  • You need 1000 coins.
  • Go to the garden The Garden Gazebo (the entrance is located in Presto's Edge).
  • When you get there, talk to Katherine de Claw, play the Bounce game and get 400 points or more and she will give you three jars of Moxie Mulch.
  • Then you need to collect all of the floating rocks (there are five of them and they are all in the garden). Two are trapped in the upper left corner in some bushes so you will need to use levitation. You can get levitation by walking through two rock pillars in Tanglevine Jungle.
  • Once you have all the rocks they will form a statue of a cat. Talk to a Garden Sprite running around and he will turn your statue into a real kitty. (NOTE: you need to pay him 1000 coins and one jar of moxie mulch).

Critter kitty statue

Kitty Statue completed and ready to be turned into your new pet