Get 5 floating blue barrels, and you can explode the pile to get to the exit!

Jumper is a simple game, all you have to do is collect the items it tells you to and then head for the exit. You use the arrow keys to move and spacebar to jump, if you fall, you lose a life.

Elder Vein MinesEdit

You must play this game to get past the different mines of Elder Vein Mines.

Collect the five barrels and head towards the exit. Don't forget to get all of the small blue orbs called Blue Elixirs, they are needed for the final mine.

Onakasi Treasure Room Edit

You must play this game to get to the Onakasi Treasure Room. This is located in the Green Dragonlike head in Tanglevine Jungle on the far right side.

Collect all of the Jade Keys to unlock one part, after that you must play Blocks to get access to the Onakasi Treasure Room.

Tree HouseEdit

You must play this game to get access the Treehouse, you have to negotiate through the woods avoiding the beehives and collecting as many honeycombs as possible in order to "buy" spywear from Spy Bear.

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