Inside the Jaguar temple with the Jaguar statue on the right

Monsters genie ghost yagu

Genie Ghost Yagu


The message

The Jaguar Temple is a underground area in Dizzywood and in order to enter, you must have invisibility. If you don't have invisibility the blue Genie Ghost Yagu will throw you out and a message will appear.

The Jaguar Temple contains several plateaus that can be crossed using levitation (but watch out, don't touch the Black Crystals !).

On each plateau, you can collect five Pink Crystal fragments which combine into a big pink crystal that can be traded for coins by Kan the Geomancer just outside the Jaguar Temple.

When you collect all of the Blue Crystal fragments (one on each different plateau) it will form a Crystal Critter (you can collect four different critters this way).

There is a Jaguar Statue located here (on the third plateau) where you can obtain zap power (see article Zap about how to obtain this power).

If you happen to fall off one of the plateaus, you will find yourself in The Crystal Catacombs.

NOTE: You can retrieve both invisibility and levitation by crossing the jewelled markers in Tanglevine Jungle.