Invisibility is used for all magic tricks, is one of the eight special powers, and one of the two powers that are the easiest to obtain.

Obtaining Invisibility Edit

Dizzywood invisibility pillars

The invisibility pillars are located in Tanglevine Jungle

To Obtain Invisibility is to walk through the green magical pillars that are in Tanglevine Jungle.

Special Uses Edit

It can be used to gain access to the Jaguar Temple.

Magic Tricks Edit

Despite being simple to obtain, it has only one well known trick, here is a list of how to perform them

  • The Lost Skateboard

To perform, have the Rainbow/Skull/Flame/Striped Skateboard equipped, click Perform Invisibility, move around.

Origin of Picture Edit

The first picture comes from the fact that in some fiction horror stories (or any story with ghosts in), the ghost most of the time is just a voice, showing that it is in fact no long existing.

The second one is a white stick figure disappearing, via the invisibility power (this was probably changes so it wouldn't be confused with the Ghost Ray)