This is where you can freely post your ideas about the Game Dizzywood. They can be fact-based, made up from past experience, or just a random possibility. They can be in question form too.

  • The Onakasi (located in the Tanglevine Jungle) might have fallen due to diseases and war, as not every place was covered in lava.

  • If no one has seen Emperor Withering, then couldn't he be a female, or even not human?
    • According to the latest information his first name is Simon so that suggests he is male.

  • The remaining residents of Skytown Skate Park may have different currency, since Skytown Skate Park technically isn't a part of Dizzywood.

  • There may also be wizards that have to do with the time of the day in addition to the season wizards.

  • It is hinted that robots will appear (my avatar turned into a robot while playing jumper once...)
    Robot jumper

    It is a robot

  • The Tau Parsnip Mine might be dangerous because of cave-ins, or radiation. Also, there are monsters and lava in the mines, which may present a hazard.

  • Some other sprites may be rock sprites, clothing sprites, river sprites, fish sprites, snake sprites, shock sprites, slug sprites, night sprites, shark sprite, and more!

  • Who thinks there should be awards for this wiki. There are awards in the Club Penguin wiki (for stuff like a certain number of edits, or becoming an elite secret agent)...

  • My mind hatched a dark suggestion. What if Katherine de Claw, the new Chief Poobah, isn't what she seems. What if she is an underling. If that was the case then it'll go something like this: Cecil Sideshuffle wanted to fight off Withering if he was elected. Knowing that this was probably going to be more popular then a new tent, she decided to run against him because she knew that Withering was vulnerable to near attacks/ planning an invasion. And what better way to grab attention then to reopen Canal City? As we know, Canal City is full of dangerous monsters, so opening it won't be easy, and some of these monsters may be underlings, like Kat (if this was true. I kinda hope not...) Also, the Grool Grubnibbler (an underling) eats Garden Sprites, which are found in The Garden Gazebo, and there is also a trap set there, but it never gets noticed by Kat, so maybe she's doing this on purpose... I think this will disappoint many players if this was true, but anything could happen in the next four years.
  • Opening dizzywood back up whitout memberships, and in the old version when it used to look different.


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