Inside the Gamma Yam Mine

The Gamma Yam Mine is one of the mines which can be found in the Elder Vein Mines.

You can find the entrances here to the Alpha Radish Mine, Delta Carrot Mine and the Omicron Turnip Mine.

If you collect the gears and screws on the ground you get 20 coins each.


The big green laser eye

This mine is the location of the second piece of the Corrupt Crystal Dampener (it's on the right).

NOTE: To get across the big eye with the green laser, use Invisibility and sneak across.

When you have the Zap power, you can use it to cause the big machine in the left hand corner to shoot Green Elixir balls onto the ground, picking these up gives you 50 coins.

Use the Zap power on the shovel in the left hand corner it shoots Orange Elixir balls onto the ground, picking these up gives you 10 coins.

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