There are lots of games that you can play in Dizzywood. Most games have coins as rewards but some games give you special items. Some of the games in the world are different versions of the same basic game.

For example, the Clothing Game in Presto's Grove and the Chef's Bug Game in The Explorer's Camp are very similar.

(See the articles for more info on them).

Blocks Edit

Blocks is similar to the classic game, Tetris. You rotate falling pieces to try and make them line up and disappear. You can play blocks at the Game Machines like on The Garden Gazebo and Presto's Edge.

Bounce Edit

Bounce is a game that usually involves bouncing items across the screen from left to right onto a safe platform. The items that fall go at different speeds and there are other items that do bad or good things to you if you touch them.

Combo Drop Edit

Combo Drop is a matching game, where you need to match (at least 3) similar items at a time in a row. You can play the game in many places throughout Dizzywood including with Chanjo the Chameleon.

Flash Cards Edit

Flash Cards is the game that you can find in Tanglevine Jungle and many other places. Basically, you try to match the pictures (like matching or memory).

Flight Edit

Flight is a game, where you must get to the end or collect items. You move by holding down the left mouse click, and letting go lets it go down (like the game helicopter).

Force Field Edit

Force Field is a game very similar to the classic game, Pong. You must try to bounce a ball past your opponent to score a point. A certain number of points is required, ranging from one to five.

Jumper Edit

Jumper is a simple game, all you have to do is collect the items it tells you to and then head for the exit. This game is located in Elder Vein Mines, in the secret stairway in Tanglevine Jungle and in the entrance to the Tree House.

Vanish Edit

Vanish is a game similar to pairs. You need find pairs of items (bugs, Onakasi diamonds, symbols, ect..) and click them. Once you clicked them they vanish.

Word Race Edit

Word Race is a game that represents hangman, except you lose or win when the computer or you get to the "finish line, respectively."