Furniture can be used to decorate your home (see article Homes for info about how to get one).

There is one big store for furniture in Dizzywood, called Home Emporium (owned by Brooke Lodgington) which has different showrooms, so there are a lot of nice things to get.

You can also get furniture from:Edit

A list of FurnitureEdit

You can buy:
  • Artist's Easel
  • Basic Bookcase
  • Batty stature
  • Comfy throne
  • Craftsman Bookshelf
  • Craftsman chair
  • Designer's mannequin
  • Framed boy silhouette
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Modern comfy sofa
  • Modern side table
  • Plain Bookshelf
  • Plush Kitty
  • Plush Panda
  • Potted Palm Tree
  • Sparkled Glass Vase
  • Stone Balustrade
  • Strawberry Beanbag
  • Tangle Fan
  • Victorian Coffee Table
  • Wildwood Tree

From Onakasi Treasure Room:
  • Amber Coffer
  • Amethyst Coffer
  • Ruby Coffer
  • Sapphire Coffer
  • Large Tanglevine Fern
  • Small Tanglevine Fern
  • Onakasi Ruins (Column)
  • Onakasi Ruins (Tablet)

From Emperor Withering's henchmen:

Rat Wraith:

  • Haunted Clock
  • Haunted Crystal Ball
  • Haunted Mirror
  • Haunted Pipe Organ

Professor Pimpleton Plumpox:

  • Prof. Plumpox Cupcake Reactor
  • Prof. Plumpox Doohickey
  • Prof. Plumpox Flamp
  • Prof. Plumpox Propellorator

Grool Grubnibbler:

  • Swamp Chair
  • Swamp Lamp
  • Swamp Ottoman
  • Swamp Table

From fishing:
  • Conch Shell
  • Dubloon Coins
  • Hermit Crab Shell
  • Message In A Bottle
  • Scallop Shell
  • Treasure Chest

Loot in your backpack:
  • Beach Pail
  • Beach Towels
  • Beach Umbrella
  • Checkered Picnic Blanket
  • Fireworks five different kind (they will explode, set on ground and wave mouse over them)
  • Picnic Basket

The Loot items can be used outside of your room too

From Game Missions:

Octavius Rex:

  • Octavius' Reef
  • Oyster Couch
  • Treasure Chest

Professor Nebulo Nocturne:

  • Planet Mars
  • Planet Neptune
  • Planet Saturn
  • Planet Venus

Arcticus Frost:

  • Winter Wizards Alchemist's Table
  • Winter Wizards Beacon

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