Salamander sprite force field game

The Salamander Sprite Force Field Game

Description Edit

Force Field is a game which can be played with the Salamander Sprites, the Jaguar Statue, the Rock Bogie, some Daily Events or just a simple game machine. In the game the person and the opponent is given a force field and a ball is let loose.

Instructions Edit

This game is very similar to Pong. You use the mouse to move your force field, which is the one with your character's face. The person has to make sure that the ball does not pass them, and will diligently rally the ball until it passes the opponent.

There are also "powerups" which get deleted whenever you lose a life:

  • fast (makes ball go faster)
  • slow (makes ball go slower)
  • grow (makes force field wider)
  • shrink (makes force field narrower)
  • multi-ball (makes multiple balls from that one ball that hit it, when these balls go past a player, it counts as a point)
  • stick (makes the ball stick to your force field whenever you touch it, making you have to release it again, limited turns)

Rewards Edit

Depending on who or what you play against, you get coins if you win.

Missions with force field Edit

Go to the Missions tap and look under "New things to do" then you should see them.


You can win furniture by beat the bosses (one furniture each Boss)