Flight is one of the types of mini-games available in Dizzywood. It can be played from the Game Wagon in Presto's Grove (it will go into your backpack) and is one of the games in which you can progress in levels. It has many different looks depending on where you play it.


These are the missions you can play if the game is in your backpack:

Level 1 Missions:

Level 2 Missions:

Level 3 Missions:

Powers Edit

  • Grow (red plus sign): Makes your avatar grow.
  • Shrink (blue minus sign): Makes your avatar shrink.
  • Slow (green turtle): Makes your avatar fly and fall slower.
  • Fast (pink bunny): Makes your avatar fly faster.
  • Left (arrow pointing left): Makes your avatar go closer to the back of the screen.
  • Right (arrow pointing right): Makes your avatar go forward more.