NOTE: Farthing's Meadow is no longer available in Dizzywood.

It is now used in special events, including Farthing's Pond. Lately, it's been used for Presto's Annual Picnic.

Farthing's Meadow Edit

Farthing's Meadow is a giant field in Dizzywood, located North of Presto's Edge. It has several soccer goals and three balls that you can kick around or play Soccer with. If you kick one of the balls through the goal posts then you will score a goal and it will be announced to everyone in the area.

Telescope Edit


Telescope in Farthing's Meadow

Match the word telescope game

Flash Card Game

There is a telescope located here. If you click on it, you will be able to play a Flash Card game where you can earn coins. The game consists of matching the images.

NOTE: This is moved to Mage Barrow which can be entered in by clicking on the yellow Crystal Keyhole in Presto's Edge

Quill the Junk Vendor Edit

Quill at farthings meadow

Quill the porcupine will exchange junk items for coins.

Quill the Junk Vendor is a porcupine and is a new character addition to Dizzywood. He is located in Farthing's Meadow between the Presto's Edge sign and a goal post.

He helps to get rid of junk items received from the Magic Mystery Wagon in Presto's Grove or by fishing with your Fishing Pole in exchange for coins.

NOTE: Quill has been relocated to Presto's Edge.

Winter Wizard Edit

Winter wizard farthig's meadow

Winter Wizard in Farthing's Meadow

Guess the word farthing's meadow

Guess the word game

The Winter Wizard was located in Farthing's Meadow. When clicked on, he allowed you to play a guess the animal word game for coins. He used to be located in The Explorer's Camp.

NOTE: He used to also be located in Presto's Edge next to the Wildwood Glen sign.

Now he is is in mage barrow through the crystal keyhole if you put the icy aierie crystal key through it.

Winter Festival Edit


Winter Festival

On January 19, 2008, the Winter Festival began in Farthing's Meadow. The festival celebrated the defeat of Emperor Withering's plan to control Dizzywood's weather. It also marked the return of snow to the world.

Skateboard Races Edit

Farthing's Meadow is also the location of the skateboard races that were held for the first beta testers in November, 2007. The participants got a special Skateboard Race T-shirt for their characters.

Dizzy TV Edit

If you go to the far right corner of Farthing's Meadow and use Ghost Ray on the closest tree, you will find the Dizzy TV for your home. The Dizzy TV used to be part of one of the Daily Events, in which you could win a picnic basket.

NOTE: This is now in The Chasm when you Ghost Ray a rock