The Fall Wizard appeared in Tanglevine Jungle and started sending Dizzywood players on a mission to retrieve items he needed to destroy Emperor Withering's chains. The Fall Wizard appeared only after the Summer Wizard was unable to destroy the chains by baking them in intense heat. Here are the items that players needed to collect to help the Fall Wizard destroy the chains with powerful winds.

  • A large pumpkin
  • A medium pumpkin
  • A fat scarecrow
  • A thin scarecrow

When the player returns to the wizard with the items, he casts a spell on the chains and causes them to blow apart from powerful winds. The chains are destroyed, and he tells players to wait a few days for the Winter Wizard to arrive and return snow to Dizzywood.

Mission Walk-throughEdit

Here is a complete walk-through of the Fall Wizard's mission.

Screenshot Description

The Fall Wizard

Players proceed to Tanglevine Jungle where they can find the Fall Wizard near the entrance.

Large Pumpkin

The large pumpkin can be found in the middle of Farthing's Meadow.

Medium Pumpkin

The medium pumpkin is found in the The Explorer's Camp near the cart.

Fat Scarecrow

The fat scarecrow is in the Rock Maze.

Thin Scarecrow

The thin scarecrow is in Skytown Skate Park. You can only get there by charging the Giant cannon in Presto's Grove with Zap.

Return to the Fall Wizard

When you return to the Fall Wizard in Tanglevine Jungle with the items, he tells you he will cast a spell to destroy the chains with his autumn winds. Although the wind destroys the chains, the Fall Wizard tells you to wait a few days for the Winter Wizard to arrive because it is still too warm for Winter.