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There are many different emotes in Dizzywood. Each emote is kept in your backpack. You can click on the emote and then on another person to send it to them. This causes a small animation to appear above their head with the emote as well as a small picture of the person who sent it to them.

For example, if you click on the heart emote in your backpack and then on another person, they will see an image of a heart appear above their head along with a small picture of you. Certain emotes can be given to Crystal critters.

You can make an emote "fly" to another user by making that certain emote a hotkey. After, press that number on your keyboard and click on that person.

How to Get the Emotes Edit

The emotes are located in different places. Some of them are given to players by Chanjo the Chameleon as rewards for helping him with his emote machine in Presto's Grove. Other emotes are given as prizes from the Wizard's games in Presto's Edge. You can also get cool emotes from finishing the Rock Maze or, if you're lucky, giving the Cloud Sprite Blue Elixir in Skytown Skate Park.

NOTE: You might have to give it a lot of Blue Elixir before it gives you special prizes.

The rocketflower, sparklevine and ticklebloom emotes are all available from the The Garden Gazebo by playing one of the games from the bushes.

Some of the emotes are seasonal and only can be obtained at specific times. For example:

  • All of the winter-themed emotes were rewards for rebuilding the snowbear in Presto's Edge or Farthing's Meadow.
  • The shamrock emote was given to people who found the Leprechaun and his Pot of Gold during the St. Patrick's Day event.
  • Halloween emotes: bat, brain, candycorn, eyeball, jack o'lantern, lots of candy, rotten egg, toilet paper.

Emotes are a great way to impress friends.

List of Emotes Edit

Here is a list of all the known emotes in Dizzywood: