NOTE: The Election has finished.

Here are the election prizes (you can only vote for one but you can buy the other campaign stuff)

For Cecil Sideshuffle:

  • Cecil's Scene Banner
  • Cecil's Scene Hat
  • Cecil's Scene Shirt
  • Cecil's Scene Sign
  • Registered: Cecil's Scene
  • Vote For Cecil Sign

For Katherine de Claw:

  • Kat's Scene Banner
  • Kat's Scene Hat
  • Kat's Scene Shirt
  • Kat's Scene Sign
  • Registered: Kat's Club
  • Vote For Kat Sign

For Melinda Swingtail:

  • Monkey Jam Banner
  • Monkey Jam Hat
  • Monkey Jam Shirt
  • Monkey Jam Sign
  • Registered: Monkey Jam
  • Vote For Melinda Sign

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