Inside the Elder Vein Mines

The Elder Vein Mines were introduced to Dizzywood on July 22, 2008 after months of anticipation.

They are accessed by clicking on the boarded up Dangerous Mineshaft inside The Crystal Catacombs. You must first have assembled a Mining Helmet which acts as the light source to allow you inside. The helmet must first be found and then fixed. you can only wear it if you are a silver explorer or higher.

The names of the mines are similar because one part of the name is a letter from the Greek alphabet and the other part is a vegetable.

Once inside the Elder Vein Mines, you need to find your way through a series of mines which are connected by doors. When you click on a door you have to play a game of Jumper and by completing the level successfully, you can proceed to the next mine.

In the Jumper levels make sure you collect all Blue Elixir ampules, because they are used to unlock the final door to the Omega Beet Mine.

There are seven mines inside the Elder Vein Mines. The names are:

Shortcut to Gamma Yam MineEdit

There is a shortcut to the Gamma Yam Mine from the first mine Delta Carrot Mine. To access it, you first must walk near the partially hidden lever behind the rock near the door. This moves the lever. You must then use your Zap power on the small rock control in front of the door to open it. You will get to skip over two mines and get to the finish faster and you will still be able to pick up all three pieces of the Corrupt Crystal Dampener.

Tau Parsnip MineEdit

Dw tau parsnip

Too dangerous

One of the doors located in the very first mine Delta Carrot Mine, which gives you access to the Tau Parsnip Mine cannot be entered.

When you try to go through it you get a message saying that the room is too dangerous to be entered. There is no information about what is behind the door.

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