Hello, everyone. I'm Write Stretch, a former Dizzy. With this 'something new' coming along, I think it's time we had some fun with our Dizzywood past. So, I made this page!

Dizzywood stories is a small page made by Write Stretch for you to post your stories and memories of DW, and what you did there. I'll go first.

The day I joined the vampires

By: Write Stretch

I stepped into the portal with ease. Dizzies were everywhere, chatting and dancing. This was one of my first parties, so I wasn't exactly dressed my best. My brown hair had been braided, and I was wearing a simple purple shirt with jeans. My eyes, if you want to know, were blue.

Sorry, that's all I have for now.

Breaking Through

By: Zimmya (another former Dizzy)

I glanced up into her eyes. There were blood-red and hungry. "Why?" I asked, "Why are you doing this? It isn't right, Bell, it just isn't."

"Zimmya, this is my destiny," she sighed, "I love him, he loves me and you can't stop either of us."

"This isn't fair," I counter, "I'm the one who loves him. Not you, not Dinky, not anyone else in this world. I might not be able to stop you from loving him, but I can stop him from loving you."

"Stop it!" she cried, "I hate you, Zimmya! I hate you and I hate what you do! I hate you! Go away - I don't want to see you again!" Quickly, she opened a portal. "Good-bye, Zimmya. Good-bye. Forever." and with that, she jumped in.

That's just an extract of my Dizzywood fan-fiction. I hope to open a page here soon (if that's okay) and post a few paragraphs every once in a while. Peace, Zimmya xxx

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