Dizzywood is a game in a park/forest like area and it houses sprites, wizards, animals, ghosts, as well as other things.


DW is a virtual enchanted website full of many adventures and mysterys. On December 31, 2010, dizzywood closed in the eastern hemisphere, on january 12 western hemisphere closed. when dw's web closed kids started getting on a web named which is now what we will be at until dizzywood opens. Dizzywood could be open again if u can tell ur friends and family about dw and like it on FB or tweet it!!!! Dizzywood is the awesomest website ive ever played and its the best memory ill always keep in my heart!!!

The creators of Dizzywood was a grouped called rocket paper scissors. They started out with the old dizzywood named Zoodaloo. this was actually the first dizzywood they had made until they had made some changes and renamed it dizzywood. in 2008 rocket paper scissors decided to make another web for the dizzies to visit called secret builders. which is now where some of the dizzies have saw their friends from dizzywood, but mostly ourworld is where most dizzies r now waiting for dizzywood to open. and some ppl in ourworld are spreading rumors that it will be closing, but tht isnt true.




Dizzywood Logo

Dizzywood is a new kid-friendly virtual world game with 3-D graphics. Players are able to chat, make new friends, play games, and dress their own characters in cool clothes while in a safe and monitored environment. It was originaly called Zoodaloo.


Scott Arpajian, Sean Kelly and Ken Marden are the creators of Dizzywood.

Dizzywood is created and licensed by Rocket Paper Scissors, LLC, based in San Francisco, California. They hope to make the website the most popular website for the 8-12 year old demographic. Well guys, have fun trying.

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