This is the Daily Event for 30, August 2008. Called Where Shall We Sit?.

Grool Grubnibbler has been shuffling around, looking for ways to stir up Sophie's Good-bye Luau. He's hidden all the mats that everyone was planning on sitting on. Can you help find the mats so no one has to sit on the sand?

Dizzy activity where shall we sit 1

Go to the Mansion Showroom and take the elevator to the Rug Emporium (one of Brooke Lodgington's furniture rooms), the mats are there…

When you click on them a message pops up:

Good thing you found these mats! Now we'll all have something to sit on during Sophie's good-bye Luau. Pierre is sure going to miss her. Hopefully she will come back and visit when she gets a break from university.

Dizzy activity where shall we sit 2

You get a Straw Mat when you found the mats and it will appear in the Loot of your backpack (you can put them everywhere you want, even in your home).

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