Rain in Dizzywood

rain in Dizzywood

This is an article about the Daily Event for July 31, 2008 called Weather Trivia.

It's raining! Presto was preparing for a wondrous unveiling of the new Wildwood Glen when dark clouds began to loom over Dizzywood. Will the rain ruin the party? Visit the Cloud Sprite to learn more about this shift in weather.

Cloud Spirit

The Cloud Sprite

The first thing you must do is find the Cloud Sprite, who can be found in Skytown Skate Park. The Cloud Sprite is on the first platform in Skytown Skate Park, he is in the form of a little cloud next to the bridge.

When you click on the Cloud Sprite a message pops up saying...

I tried to warn you about this gloomy weather. It's not so bad. I'm sure you like splashing around puddles. I know I did when I was a young cloud! If you succeed in this trivia, I'll reward you with something that might come in handy for future rainy days.

When you click next another message pops up with the first trivia question on it:

Q1: Cirrus clouds usually form above what altitude?

A1: 26,0000 feet

Q2: Cumulus clouds usually mean?

A2: Fair Weather

Q3: Nimbus clouds are most likely to produce?

A3: Rain

Q4: Which of the following is a type of stratus cloud?

A4: Fog

Rain Coat and Hat

Rain Coat and Hat

When you have answered them all correctly the Cloud Sprite says...

Congrats! You've succeeded. You deserve these essentials for the next rainy day!

You click ok and another message pops up.

You Got: Rain Hat, Rain Coat.


The rain hat will then appear in you backpack under Headwear, and the coat will appear under Clothes (top) .

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