1st torch

1st Torch

This is an article about the Daily Event for August, 8 2008 called Torch Relay First Leg.

Hopefully you have done your warm-ups for the day. You will need to be light on your feet as you will be required to sprint your way from torch to torch. Make sure you have your lit torch in hand as you make your way to The Explorer's Camp for the first leg of the relay.

The first thing you do is easy make your way to The Explorer's Camp, ones there head over to the bear that stands next to the pile of rocks were you got your Spy Eye power from. From there go down towards the big brown tree next to it you should see a burning torch. If you click the burning torch a message pops up saying...

This is the first of many torches that will need to be lit in the coming days. With speed on your side, the destination of today's relay shall land you in The Crystal Catacombs. Make your way there before time runs out! You have one minute to reach the next torch!

2nd torch

2nd Torch

Now you have to be really fast, so I'd make some preparations before hand, such as if you have the run move use that, and before you set off make sure your power menu is down and you're ready to click the Invisibility. Once you have everything in place then you can set off, head down to The Crystal Catacombs once there head down and left you should come across the unlit torch pretty quickly. When clicked within the minuet a message pops up saying...

Great job Explorer! You've completed the first leg of your relay. While you rest for the next one, Olivia Kickflip will be tuning up her wheels in preparation for the coming games.

You Got: Barbell


And that's it done for today, you have to wait till tomorrow for the second leg.

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