Lit Torch 5

This is an article about the Daily Event for August 11, 2008 called Torch Relay Final Leg.

It's now the time that all of Dizzywood has been waiting for! It's your job to light the Dizzy Olympics cauldron to kick off the games that everyone has been training for. To get this event on its way, take one last jog to Presto's Edge.

First head to Presto's Edge, the torch is near The Garden Gazebo sign. If you click the lit torch a message pops up...

You're not done yet! You still have one more leg to complete. With your torch still lit, run like you never have before to Breakwater Beach to light the Olympic Cauldron!

No one knows how much time you actually have to get to Breakwater Beach or if you even have any time at all but I would try to be as fast as you can just to be on the safe side. The cauldron is located just after Cecil's Beach Hut Store at Breakwater Beach, to light it just click it, once you have clicked it a message pops up saying...

Olympic cauldron

Olpmpic Torch

You have lit the Olympic cauldron. It's been quite the journey, hasn't it? This flame shall symbolize the strength and dedication everyone in Dizzywood is going to be sharing in the coming week. Be prepared to be challenged mentally and have your skills tested as you take part in the games that follow. Good luck Explorer, and let the games begin!

You Got: Training Headband.

The training headband will appear in your backpack under headwear, to wear it just click the icon.

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