Timothy Hay

Timothy Hay

This is an article about the Daily Event for August 1, 2008 called Summon the Summer Wizard.

There are wizards in Dizzywood that if summoned correctly, have the power to shift the weather to our favour. Talk to Timothy Hay in Presto's Edge. He may know how to summon the Summer Wizard, so we can stop this rain and carry on with our Wildwood Glen party!

The first thing you do is go to Presto's Edge, and sitting on a rock that makes up the Wizard Summoning Circle there is the rabbit Timothy Hay. When you click on him a message pops up saying...

You want to summon the Summer Wizard? You'll need something he wants. Bring me a watermelon and I'll see if I can help you! You might need to use your Ghost Ray.

After clicking OK make sure you have Ghost Ray in your power, if not head over to Tanglevine Jungle and play Genie Ghost Onca's game to win your Ghost Ray.


The column you have to ghost ray

When you get your Ghost Ray, head over to the The Garden Gazebo. In the middle of the garden there is a gazebo that is held up by 7 wooden columns. Use your Ghost Ray on the closest left hand column, near the bottom of the column there is a watermelon. When you click on it a message pops up...

You found a watermelon behind this column. This is exactly what Timothy Hay needs to summon the Summer Wizard. Hurry to Presto's Edge and give it to him.

Now head back to Presto's Edge to give Timothy Hay the watermelon. To give him the watermelon just click on him and a message will pop up...

You found a watermelon! I can use this to summon the Summer Wizard. The summoning spell takes some time, so check back late. While you wait, do you want to try out these sunglasses? You may need them when the sun finally comes out again.



Click OK, and another message pops up...

You got: Chill Out Glasses.

Awesome. The glasses will then appear in your backpack under headwear.

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