This is the Daily Event for 24, August 2008. Called Sticky Force Field.

Now that the bee has his honey back he's ready to get to work. He's so overjoyed that he's decided to challenge you with some friendly competition. Find the jar of honey to get started!

Dizzy activity sticky force field 1

Location of the jar of honey

The jar of honey is in Tanglevine Jungle in between the stones where you get levitation and the Air Grate.

When you click the jar of honey a message pops up:

Ready for a sticky match of force field? Play against the bee and win, and you'll be rewarded with something that will help you next time you are searching for bees.

Dizzy activity sticky force field 2

Bee Keeper Outfit

When you win this message pops up:

Congratulations! Here's an outfit that will protect you the next time you're out looking for bees.

The Bee Keeper Bottoms goes under Clothes (bottom), the Bee Keeper Hat goes under Headwear and the Bee Keeper Top goes under Clothes (top) in your backpack.

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