Green Flag

The Green Flag

This is the Daily Event for 16, August 2008. Called Olympic Memory.

Hopefully you are feeling rested, because your memory will need to be sharp for this event. Now search for the Green Torch Flag to put your mind to the test!

First you need to go and find the Green Touch Flag which is located in the Jaguar Temple (to get in you need the invisibility power). The flag is on the second platform so you need levitation as well. Once you click the flag a message pops up saying...

Chanjo wants to see how much you can remember under pressure, so he's devised this game to test your memory. If you're feeling sleepy, go do some laps around Farthing's Meadow, but if you think you're ready, get to it!

Click the OK button and a game of match comes up. You will have 200 seconds to match all the cards. When the game is won another message pops up saying...

Wow! You did it! Here are some coins for proving your brain power.

You get 250 coins.

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